February 12, 2013
Why You Need Your Customers to use You Need My Guy
While it's easy to create a You Need My Guy account for you or your business, the beautiful thing about our platform is the way it merges with social. What that means for the consumer is that they won't ever see a business or provider come up first just because they've paid for that spot. 

Our data is very pure, because it's all based on 2 pieces of information that makes You Need My Guy a completely unique way of finding/listing a business. 
  1. People using this guy - This is the number of people who have raised their digital hand to say that they actually do business with this person
  2. People you know using this guy - Based on the social networks that you and others have linked to You Need My Guy, we're sure that you know these people, which makes for a pretty good referral!

So, as you can see in the screenshot to the left, when a user is searching without being logged in, she/he sees that there are 8 people using this Guy, but not sure how many people they know of those 8. 

Now, once logging in, the user sees that they know 6 of the people using this Guy. Signing in also changes how the search returns the Guys that you know the most people using first. 

As a Guy [or gal, of course], the best way to receive new business from You Need My Guy is to invite and ask your customers to create a You Need My Guy profile, list you as their __________, and write a quick review. Of course, linking at least one social media account is an important part of the process too. 

Consider Cheesy Eddies, a bakery in Rochester, NY. They recently posted this on their Facebook page:

In just 15 hours since that post, they were 4 people's bakery, with 3 incredible reviews.

If you're a business and need help coming up with ideas to engage with your clients, email We're always happy to help!


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