August 04, 2015
SEO Boost for Contractors

When your potential customers begin their search on Google, you need to be prepared to show up on the first page. Since less than 10% of people click ‘next’ to move to page 2, if you’re not on page 1, you’re not likely to get that customer’s business.

You Need My Guy customers have been showing up on page 1 on Google, and page ranking has been getting better every day. Take James Lembach, a landscaper in Rocehster, NY. When his name is searched on Google, 4 of the top 5 results are You Need My Guy. James pays $10/month for the You Need My Guy premium plan, and we’re thrilled with his SEO rank as a result.

While we can’t ever guarantee this kind of result, it’s an affordable part of a solid digital marketing strategy. To have an effective online presence, there are lots of ways to build a portfolio, and new, inexpensive options like You Need My Guy is a good place to start.


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