April 24, 2014
How we're different than Angie's List

You Need My Guy, a social networking site committed to bringing word of mouth to the web, is being seen by many as a free alternative to paid alternative Angie's List in the growing number of markets with a significant number of users.

Paid vs. Free

"We find that most of our users are really interested in finding someone new to do business with when they visit our site, but they're opposed to paying something to find that perfect new business to hire" said Joe Cassara, founder & CEO of You Need My Guy. Because of this, the You Need My Guy search service is completely free to use. Businesses have the option of upgrading to a premium account for just $10/month, which gets them top search placement, photos/videos, and an SEO boost.

Socially-Driven Referrals

What separates You Need My Guy from other review sites is the ability of those searching to see who their social media connections do business with. Since most users connect a Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter profile when they register, someone looking for someone to hire will see those that their friends have recommended at the very top of the results list. "Since we all have different standards and expectations when it comes to someone we're doing business with, most people aren't satisfied with a recommendation from a stranger, compared with one from someone in their social circle", says Cassara.

White Collar vs. Blue Collar

A site like Angie's List focuses on home services and medical professionals. The problem with this is that most of us keep our plumber in the same phone as our insurance company, because they're equally important when an issue or need comes up. You Need My Guy has thousands of users in all categories, from realtors to graphic designers to handymen.

For people looking to advertise their business and recommend others they love doing business with, You Need My Guy is a promising new method of doing so.


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