August 16, 2012
How We Got Our Start
About a year ago, You Need My Guy got it's start after a successful partnership with Sydney & NYC based KAYWEB Angels.

NEW YORK: KAYWEB Angels CEO Haig Kayserian has announced they will invest up to $900,000 of development services and mentoring in three new startups, taking the company’s total stable of investments to six after six months of operation.

Cafrino, Minute Lister and You Need My Guy have beaten off a field of over 200 applicants to win KAYWEB Angels as their technical co-founders. Kayserian welcomed these startups aboard their ship which already includes, Burringo and Do It In Person.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Cafrino, Minute Lister and You Need My Guy, and we look forward to building their products and growing their businesses,” said Kayserian.

“The selection process was exhaustive and involved our entire board. We read through some tremendous online submissions, followed by pitches in person at our Manhattan office for the top tier of applicants.”

“In the end, the three successful applicants shone in more areas than the others, some of whom we have invited to keep working at their ideas ahead of our next round of investment due later this year.”

Cafrino, presented by Jonathan Aiwazian and Sean Stavropoulos from California, is an innovation in gaming. Minute Lister, presented by Chicago duo Amanda Cavazos and Thomas Olson, is a mobile application servicing the ecommerce community. You Need My Guy, presented by New York entrepreneur Joe Cassara, is in the business networking space.

General Manager John Buckman explained that the widespread coverage and acceptance KAYWEB Angels received for their unique investment model meant they were inundated with submissions from people all over the United States and abroad.

“The response to our launch were real submissions from real ‘ideas people’ lacking the development talent or resources to get their ideas off the ground,” said Buckman.

“The volume of submissions validated our investment model of development and mentoring instead of cash, and we intend to make many more investments over the coming months and years.”